The Ministry of Special Cases

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“A mesmerizing rumination no loss and memory, spun out with a fabulism that recalls Isaac Bashevis Singer….Masterly.” -Los Angeles Times

Who is this Nathan Englander, so young in novelist years, but already possessed of an old master’s voice?...One reads this novel in awe of Englander’s talent.” -The New York Times Book Review

“Englander seems almost like a literary movement by himself.” -San Francisco Chronicle

I guess this is truly what they mean when they say a novel is long awaited, because I have been waiting for this novel ever since I read Englander’s short-story collection in (whenever). And worth waiting for — an amazing amalgam of wit and heart-stopping suspense, with a cast of characters I fell in love with. Once again, a description of the plot doesn’t begin to convey what Englander manages to do with Argentina in the time of the Disappeared. When I began to near the end of the book, I became truly miserable, and when I was done, I reread the last 50 pages not once but twice — partly in the hope that I could make it turn out differently, and partly because I couldn’t bear that it was over.” -Nora Ephron, from Ready Any Good Books Lately? in The New York Times Book Review 



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